AAP Biennial Congress’ Awards

Hiranuma Award

This award honors the memory of Japanese Prosthodontic Society’s Past President Professor Dr. Kenji Hiranuma (1926-2017) and in so doing, provides recognition for the Asian Prosthodontic community.

Prof Hiranuma was born in Tokyo, Japan and graduated from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University with a degree in DDS in the year 1948. He obtained his PhD also from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 1958. He was a former Professor of Prosthodontics and Dean at Aichi Gakuin University, Japan, and Past President of the JPS (1983-1984) as well as a former member of the Science Council of Japan (1994-2000).

Kim Award

The Kim Award was designed to promote AAP scientific activities and to celebrate the 1st Biennial Congress of Asian Academy of Prosthodontics in Seoul, Korea in the year 1999. The first President of AAP, Dr. Yung-Soo Kim decided to institute and award according to the congress organizing committee’s proposal.

Prof Kim was born in 1938 and received DDS degree from School of Dentistry, Seoul National University in 1961. He served as a professor in the Department of Prosthodontic, School of Dentistry, Seoul National University for 34 years. He is recognized as a teacher and a researcher in Prosthodontics, both in the domestic and international arena. He has to his credit over 20 books and published more than 100 research papers academically.

Shiau Award

The Shiau Award, instituted in 2016, is contributed by Prof. Yuh-Yuan Shiau from ROC Taiwan. The award of USD500 is presented to the best poster/oral open category presentation related to TMD and/or occlusion research at the Biennial Congress of the Asian Academy of Prosthodontics.

Prof Dr Yuh-Yuan Shiau was born on September 1, 1942 in Taipei, Taiwan. He obtained his first degree, DDS (1961-67) from the School of Dentistry, National Taiwan University and went on to complete his graduate Restorative Dentistry and Occlusion programs (1977-1980) at the University of Michigan, School of Dentistry. Dr. Shiau is now Professor Emiritus of the Department of Fixed Prosthodontics in National Taiwan University.

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