Presidental Message

Doddy Soemawinata

President of Asian Academy of Prosthodontics, 2018-2021


President’s welcome message

Greetings, members of the Asian Academy of Prosthodontics (AAP). I am very honored and proud to have served for the last three years as the 12th president of the AAP, which was founded and led by distinguished scholars in the field of Prosthodontics from the Asian region since its inception in the year 1999.

In the recent past, prosthodontics has experienced an advancement and revolution like never. Technology is redefining the care delivery model and we are part and parcel of this movement. Although the basic training theories and concepts have remained, evolution of materials, advances in diagnostic capabilities, the rise of digital technology, and improvements in instrumentation in this virtual world, have provided options we never imagined. As prosthodontists, today we have the ability, with all these advancements, to bring our patients back to a sense of completeness, in function and wellbeing. With the significant increase in the global aging population, it is also our role to integrate dental care delivery and prosthodontics into the holistic healthcare model to achieve a patient-centered wellness care.

With these paradigm shifts taking place around us, the role of the AAP will also need to shift towards this patient-centered care model. For this, all our members, prosthodontists, and dental laboratory technicians, need up-to-date advanced clinical and laboratory knowledge and skills information exchanges, as well as better collaboration with the dental industry. As the out-going President of the AAP, I would like to emphasize on this and wish the very best to the in-coming Executive Council under the leadership of the Dr Anthony Guitierrez from the Philippines. My deepest appreciation to each and every one of the 2018-2020 and 2020-2021 AAP Executive Council member for all your support and encouragement during my tenure. Special gratitude to my parent body, the IPROSI for backing me throughout.

I look forward to a more active participation and commitment from all members in all of programs planned under the AAP umbrella and wish you all the very best. Stay safe.

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